Our Services

Our diverse team of experts at AgeWave Solutions take great pride in our dedication to analysis, design, quality, accuracy, and achieving the client’s vision through active listening. Our principals and staff have decades of experience in building design & construction and are involved throughout the entire project, from our initial programming meeting through to project closeout. By developing an open dialog between the client and architect, we create a collaborative experience to achieve a one-of-a-kind solution for each client, all the while maintaining a seamless and integrated project delivery.

Residential Architectural Design

Single Family Custom Homes

We provide residential architectural services that focus on designing custom homes. These services can include everything from initial concept development and site analysis to final construction documentation and project management. Our architects work with you to understand your lifestyle, budget, and design preferences and then create customized designs that meet your specific needs. We listen to you to understand your requirements of space, material selections, quality of finishes, establishing privacy or openness and maximizing views, all to provide a harmonious solution for your daily needs and design the home of your dreams.

Industrial, Warehouse, Medical, Retail, Hospitality & Office Space

Our commercial services focus on designing commercial and industrial buildings. These services can include everything from site analysis and feasibility studies to interior design and project management. We coordinate the design team consultants; Civil Engineer, Landscape Architect, Structural Engineer, and Mechanical Engineer to meet your project needs while also honoring your schedule. Our architects work with you to understand your business needs, budget, and branding requirements, and then create designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We are also responsible for ensuring that the design meets all safety and accessibility standards, as well as any other regulations and codes that may apply.

Commercial & Industrial Design

Multifamily Residential Design

Apartments, Assisted Living Facilities & Student Housing

We can help your planning team in evaluating project feasibility, zoning opportunities and provide renderings and other collateral to help move your project forward with local regulatory agencies. We can then provide architectural services to design the buildings and space from concepts to permit-ready construction documents. We can also provide construction administration for the project through the certificate of occupancy phase.

Project consulting and planning is a service we offer that involves working with clients to define project goals and objectives, establish a budget and timeline, and select the right team of professional sub-consultants to work on the project. We also help clients with site selection, feasibility studies, zoning and building code compliance, and obtaining necessary permits and approvals. Throughout the construction phase, our team can provide on-site oversight and quality control to ensure the project is progressing according to plan and specifications.

Our ultimate goal with project consulting is to help our clients achieve a successful project outcome that meets their needs, goals, and budget. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we help clients navigate the complexities of the design and construction process and achieve their desired results.

Project Consulting & Planning

Production Builder Design

We specialize in production builder design, creating homes that are both affordable and efficient without sacrificing quality or style. Our team of experienced designers and engineers work closely with clients to develop models that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences, and are value engineered.

This type of design is geared towards large-scale production and efficiency. It involves designing and constructing homes that can be replicated quickly and easily, often using a limited number of floor plans with a multitude of pre-designed optional configurations. Designs are created with the goal of minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency, while still providing homebuyers with a broad range of options and personalization opportunities that meet the needs and wants of the marketplace.

Our proprietary software and in-house workflow management allows us to offer a variety of home options that require no additional time to process orders into a permit set of lot-specific plans. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and quality, and we take pride in creating homes that are both beautiful and affordable.

Our Design Process

For each project, regardless of scale, AgeWave Solutions envisions the design process as an open dialog between our clients and the architect, creating a collaborative experience where possibilities are explored, and solutions are crystallized. Our goal, through active listening and understanding, is to produce a unique design for each client.

Our design process involves the following phases:

During the programming phase, we work closely with you to gather information about the project’s purpose, scope, and intended use. This involves conducting a discovery interview to understand the functional requirements, spatial needs, technological considerations, and any unique constraints of the project. The goal is to create a detailed and accurate program that outlines the project’s objectives and defines the key features and spaces that need to be included in the final design.

Your expectations for locating your building on the site are evaluated for compatibility with respect to local ordinances, zoning limitations, setbacks, landscaping, natural topography, sun studies, views from approach and from the building. Opportunities that arise from this discussion and research are explored to develop the strategy for the siting of the building and it’s supporting spaces.

In this initial design phase, based on information gathered during programming and site analysis phases, and close collaboration with the client, producing a conceptual design will define the overall arrangement of spaces and definition of the project. Our use of renderings and animation further help you understand the architect’s design and vision.

Listening to your comments, we further develop the schematic design concepts. The plans and elevation are refined, providing more clarity and detail. Product and material selection are discussed, and preliminary engineering begins on your project.

Once the design is established, the production of the technical documents commences to describe the project in drawings, details, and specifications, outlining material, components, and systems suitable for permitting and construction of your project by the contractor.

When you engage AgeWave throughout the construction phase, you can be assured that the final delivery of the project is as smooth a transition as possible. We can provide construction administration services for:

  • Periodically observe construction progress, quality and advise the client.
  • Responding to Contractor’s questions: Request for Information (RFI).
  • Review scope and proposed cost changes requested by the you, or the Contractor.
  • Review and advise you on Contractor material, product, or system substitutions.
  • Revise permit documents as required for clarification, or changes.
  • Review Contractor’s Applications for Payment
  • Towards the project conclusion identify “Punch List” items for correction, or completion by the Contractor.
  • Project redlines memorialized in Architectural software as an As Built file.

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